This page is intended for directions to some of our favorite and most used trailheads and riding locations.

These are PDF files and many contain detailed maps.  Please be patient when opening them.

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Idaho Parks & Rec Trail Map
      ITA Map       
IDPR Website

US Forest Service Interactive Trails Map    (This is a great place to start your trail Search)

Boise National Forest Closures (Road & Trail)  Interactive Map  Alerts & Notices
Payette National Forest
Recomended Trails  (see trail conditions) Trail Status Map

TopoQuest Maps  
  Trailmaster guide to Horse Trails of the USA


Idaho 33 Great Trails Guide 
PDF      SBBCH Trail Rating  
Idaho Centennial Trail    State Parks   (ICT)  MAP  

Treasure Valley Chapter Trails

Area   -    Destination  -  Descriptions

Bolder-White Cloud - USFS Handout  GPS
Bolder-White Cloud - Little Bolder Creek Trail  GPS  Map  Photos  Baker Lake Project
Bolder-White Cloud - Frog lake loop  Photos  Trip Report
Bolder-White Cloud - 4th of July Creek TH   GPS   MAP   Chamberlain Basin 

Boise        -  Stack Rock Trail - Bogus Basin Area

Cascade   -   Kennally Creek  trail head Paddy Flat Road
 *  MAP
Cascade   -  Boulder Lake Trails & Lakes
Cascade   -  Clear Creek - N Middle Fork Payette   Trail Head   Map
Cascade   -  Eagles Nest Trail (TR111)  Info  Map  GPS  44.6528366, -115.8348154 
Cascade   -  PNF Website  Interactive Trail Map   Ranger District Info  
Cascade   -   Needles Trail Kennally TH (PNF)  South End TH (BNF) Needles Trail

                -  BNF TH 44.6561  -115.83389  Elevation 7154  TH-Map
Cascade   -   Yellow Jacket Trail Head  GPS  Rides
Council Mountain   -   Cabin Creek Trail Head  Campground   MAP
Council Mountain  -  Crystal Creek Trail  Bucks Basin  TOPO  GPS

Eagle -  Foot Hills trail Head 

Emmett   -   4 Mile Creek (Wild Horse Management Area) HMA  Ride Map  GPS
Emmett   -   Little's Cattle Company - Horse & Hiking area   Map (East of the cycle park)
Emmett   -   Dry Creek (north east of Payette, ID)
Emmett   -   Ranger District Info
Emmett   -   Spirit Horse Ranch (Ellen & Charles )
Emmett   -  Van Duesen road (parking and rides)
Emmett   -  Van Duesen road (Access Yes - BLM)

Sweet, ID Linda & Rob Adams Ranch
Sweet, ID - Johnson Creek  * MAP

Frank Church   -   Beaver Creek Trail Head   GPS   MAP
Frank Church   -   Bull Trout Lake Trail Head  GPS   MAP
Frank Church   -   Elk Meadows Trail Head    MAP
Frank Church   -   Wyoming-Fir Creek Trail (Bull Trout Trail Head)
Frank Church   -  Warm Spring Trail (Bull Trout Trail Head)
Frank Chruch   -  Kirkham Ridge Trail (Bull Trout Trail Head)
Frank Church   -   Gates Creek Trail (Bull Trout Trail Head)
Frank Church   -   Land Mark Area (Multiple TH)   MAP
Frank Church   -  Pistol & 44 Lake TH
Frank Church   -  Sand Creek - Multiple Camping Areas
Frank Church   -   Lola Creek Trail Head    MAP
Frank Church   -   Seafoam Guard Station

Hells Canyon   -   Boundary Trail Trail Head   MAP
Hells Canyon   -   Cuddy Mountain E Brownlee) 44.7443841 -116.8272556  GPS  MAP
Hells Canyon   -   Hitt Mountain (Trail Head) MAP  GPS  44.627891 -116.926588
Hells Canyon   -  West Brownlee Trail  GPS (Canyon ride)
Hells Canyon   -  South End of Seven Devils Wilderness
Idaho City   -   Barber Flat Trail Head
Idaho City   -   Edna Creek Camp Ground    
Idaho City   -   Bear River Trail Head & Jenny Lake
Idaho City   -   Crooked River Trail Head  Map  GPS   
Idaho City   -  Cowboy Campground
Idaho City   -  Graham Guard Station  Map  Topo Map
(Road to Graham is narrow and more suitable for 4-Wheelers than Trucks, drive it before taking a trailer)
Idaho City   -   Whoop-um-up Equestrian Campground
 Idaho City   -   Ranger District Info

Lowman   -   Dead Wood Reservoir   MAP
Lowman   -   Dead Wood Ridge Trail   MAP
Lowman   -   Julie Creek Trail   MAP
Lowman   -   Ranger District Info
Lowman   -   Red Mountain Trail Head
Lowman   -   Warm Springs Guard Station    MAP
Lowman   -   White Hawk Basin

McCall Area - Secesh River Trailhead  Loon Creek GPS 45.0718848 -115.78912
McCall Area - Loon Lake & Chinook Trail Head  Loon Lake Loop
McCall Area -Twenty Mile Lakes Trail    Map    TR-085    TR-315
McCall Area - Four Mile Trailhead (multiple trails) GPS 44.8636497 -115.6913
McCall Area - Box Lake Trail TH  TR-110   Map1  Map2

Middle Fork Payette   -   Airline Trail [038]
Middle Fork Payette   -   Bear Wallow Trail [035]
Middle Fork Payette   -   Boiling Spring Trail Head  USFS[041]
Middle Fork Payette   -   Bitter Creek Trail [028]
Middle Fork Payette   -   Lighting Ridge Trail Head
Middle Fork Payette   -   Peace Creek Trail Head Lou Ann's  GPS  Map  PCL-IMB  USFS[034]
Middle Fork Payette   -   Rattle Snake Trail (limited parking)
Middle Fork Payette   -   Silver Creek Summit [044]   TH   Map

Owyhee   -   BLM Recreational Map
Owyhee   -   Celebration Park (Birds of Prey Area) * GPS 43.29863 -116.52420 
Owyhee   -   Diamond Basin Trail Head    Silver City, Idaho
Owyhee   -   Jump Creek Canyon SW of Marsing, ID
Owyhee   -   Little Jack Creek Wilderness - South of Grandview (Mud Flat Rd)
Owyhee   -   North Fork Wilderness Project  Drive Map   Project Map
Owyhee   -  North Fork Campgound  (Jorden Valley)    Nickle Creek Area
Owyhee   -  North Fork Owyhee Wilderness   Directions   TOPO
Owyhee   -  Succor Creek Natural Area (Homedale, ID)*
Owyhee   -   Succor Creek Power Line Loop  (Homedale, ID) *
Owyhee   -   Wilson Creek Trail Head - China Ditch  GPS 43.348896 -116.714305
Owyhee   -   Wilson Creek Trail Head (Hard Trigger Canyon Area) Parking  BLM Trail Map

Payette National Forest Trail Status Map
Payette   -   PNF Website    PNF Ranger Districts Info
Payette   -   McCall AreaTrails Summary
Payette   -   Council & Weiser Area Trails Summary
Payette   -    Boundry Trail #45 (Cuddy Mountain Area)
Payette   -    Stacy Creek - Upper Mann Creek Road

Pioneer Mountains - Big Basin

Sawtooth   -   Alturas Lake Trail Head    Map   Trip Log
Sawtooth   -   Atlanta Power Station
Sawtooth  -    Cabin Creek Trail Head
Sawtooth   -   Grandjean Trail Head  GPS
Sawtooth   -   Iron Creek Trail Head
Sawtooth   -   Imogene & Hell Roaring Lake
Sawtooth   -   McGown Lake from Stanley Lake TH
Sawtooth   -   Pettit Lake Tin Cup Trail Head  *
Sawtooth   -   Queens River Trail Head  *    Trip Log
Sawtooth   -   Atlanta area - Rock Creek Canyon and Tempa Lake
Sawtooth   -   Stanley Lake Trail Head  GPS

Weiser Area - Steck Park and Dunes
 /  BLM Park Info / Google Map
Weiser River Trail

Chief Eagle Eye Creek watershed North of Ola, ID
West Mountain   -   USFS[141]  Antelope Trail  *
West Mountain   -   Green Field Flats Trail  *
West Mountain   -   Little Sage Hen Basin Trail Head    TR[131]    TR[140]
West Mountain   -   Map of major trails
West Mountain   -   Sage Hen Res Joe's Creek Trail  Pictures
West Mountain   -   Sage Hen Lake Trail *
West Mountain   -   Rammage Meadows Trail Head USFS[136]
West Mountain   -   Renwyk Creek Trail Head  USFS[138]
West Mountain   -   Skein Lake Trail - Cascade ID  *
West Mountain   -   (Squaw Creek) CEE Creek TH TR-131N & TR-134  *   MAP
West Mountain   -   Map   Tripod Meadows
West Mountain   -   Wilson Corral Trail Head
  *  USFS[135]

Squaw Butte Trail Information

We are always looking for great new places to ride and camp.  If you have a trail you would like to share send information about the trail to projects@sbbchidaho.org

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