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 Mountain Manners Handbook         LNT - Seven Principles

 Defensive Horsemenship Training (Safe Trail Riding & Etiquette)  On Line Course
  Defensive Horsemanship - Part 1   (Washington Backcountry Horsemen)

  Defensive Horsemanship - Part 2   (Washington Backcountry Horsemen)

  Back Country Horsemen Trail Etiquette  - Gallatin Valley BCWV
  USFS Defensive Horsemanship Manual (pdf)  /   BCHA Mountain Manners  (pdf)
  Finding & Purifying Water in the wilderness  Back Country Horsemen of Utah Packing Tips

Guide for Beginner Backpackers & Back Country travel  (Recommended by a Backer Country Scout Troup)

  Survival Tips for Wilderness Travel      Protecting Grass and Fragile Plants in the Back Country

 Equine First Aid
 Library     Wilderness First Responder  Library  NOLS   SK  
CPR Resources Guide   On-Line CPR Certification :  CPR/AED  CPR/AED  CPR/AED
   Radio Procedures & Etiquette      Radio Channels & Repeaters     Wilderness 911      Training Library
  Kenwood Radio    User Manual    Service Manual  

FS Saw Policy for Partners

Chapter Saw Manuals Stihl MS290 & MS390 (purchased 2013)
 Complete Guide to Sharpening STIHL Saw Chains - PDF
Stihl MSA 220 C-B Battery Powered Saw Manual - PDF (purchased 2023)   VIDEO
Oregon 520-120 Chainsaw Sharpening (2017)  Operating Grinder    Guide to Chain Sharping

Sawyer Information & Video's          Sawyer Safety Workshop-2018

USFS Saw Policy (Summer 2016 On Line)
USFS Saw Operations Guide - Summer 2016
USFS Project Paperwork (Required for each project Day)

Chapman's Sharp Crosscut Saws - Information & Handouts 
Crosscut phpBB Form
Packing a Crosscut Saw BCHW.org

Basic Trail Maintenance Video
Danger : Chain Saw (
Watch before you start a saw)

2022 Video of Sawyer Workshop

2023 USFS Battery Powered Saw Evaluation (PDF)

2023 Sawyer Workshop Training Material

Developing the Thinking Sawyer Student Course Material (2023 zip)
Chainsaw Student Guide     /     Chainsaw Pre-workshop
Crosscut Student Guide      /      Crosscut Pre-workshop

Hazard Tree Safety Web Site - National Wild Fire Coordination Group
Saws that Sing (cross cut)
R4 - Saw Accidents 2020-2023     /    Field Guide to Hazard-Trees (ID OR WA)

 BC Faller Training Manual (Part 1)  (Part 2)  Rope Method for falling hangers
Training Library      video library   

  Job Hazard Analysis  Sawyer   Tools    Stock

Intermountain Region 4 Idaho Forest Ranger Districts
Boise & Payette National Forest Trail Contacts



Reagion 4 USFS Trails & Saw Program Managers

Horse Sense --A Guide To Minimum Impact Horse Camping
 P1   P2   P3   P4   P5   P6   P7

  Packing Lightly in the back country   BCH Handbook   LNT (recomended by MaryAnne)    Leave No Trace  (wiki)

 UDSA, Forest Service Trail Construction Publications
Wilderness First Aid

American Red Cross:  WildernessRemoteFirstAid-PocketGuide.pdf  (16 pages)  
                                      WildernessRemoteFirstAid-Manual.pdf  (121 pages) 

   First Responder Library (Squaw Butte Blog)

SAM Splints are one of the simplest and most versatile pieces of first aid equipment available so at least one should be in every outdoor First Aid kit.  A soft, malleable aluminium strip sandwiched in foam, the splints become fairly rigid once formed into a 3D shape, the more complex the shape, the more rigid they become.
  Using SAM Splits     SAM Split Video #1  SAM Splint Video #2    Using SAM splints to Maximun Effect   
  Detailed description of "STOP the BLEED" Steps
  Blood Borne Pathogen  Video-1   Video-2
  STOP the Bleed  Video-1    Video-2    Video-3
  Wilderness First Aid P1 P2 P3 P4  P5 P6  Simulated Accident  Kit  
Evac Helicopter
  LF1  LF2  NOLS
  Wilderness  Essential for your kit     Medical Emergency Kit  P1  P2
  Wilderness First Aid (WFA)  National Outdoor Leadership - NOLS
  BSA Wilderness First Aid Training
 Skin Cancer Awareness Guide