SBBCH President's Corner
October & November 2018

“October means Fall”

Fall, by far, is my favorite time of year. Some people prefer the Spring when the world is waking from a long ,cold Winter. Spring is when the earth turns from an ugly white to a carpet of green mixed with a rainbow of colors from the budding flowers. Spring is a pretty time, but for me, especially around this country, it seems a little short lived. From windy and cold, to hot and dry, it’s just a bit short for me.

After a long, hot, air-conditioned, Summer, I look forward to Fall. Me and my body don’t do -hot well these days, so the cooling temps. are greatly welcomed by both.
Fall, to me, tends to stay a while. The cooler days and almost chilly nights are deeply enjoyed. After a long hot Summer indoors, it’s great to get outdoors a lot more. Fall is when I spend a lot more time in the mountains, the one place that means the world to me. Whether hunting fishing or just to enjoy where I am.

Fall also comes in many different colors as the leaves chill and get ready for winter. The golds and yellows, reds and ambers can also fill the earth.

Some look at Fall as a prelude to Winter and the cold it brings. While this may be true I still  enjoy it’s length. Though I don’t enjoy the bitter cold that Winter can bring, I do better in the cool and semi cold than in the hot. As for now I’ll bask in the Fall and enjoy and not think upon Winter. Yet!!! 
November - A prelude to Winter  

It’s getting cold and time to winterize, almost past time. For some reason I tend to put this off a little late. I seem to wait until that first skim of ice is on the water tanks.
We have taken up all the garden hoses and stored them for Winter, I’ve checked the vehicles for anti-freeze, I’ve drained gas tanks and removed batteries on all equipment that will remain idle until Spring. I’ve even beefed up the animal feed for the cold to come.
For some reason though, I have this need to see the ice before I put water heaters in tanks. Not really a good thing since even too cold of water will make horses not drink.
This year has been pretty mild and I watch to make sure the animals are drinking enough. This sudden cold snap has been a wake- up call, and though sometimes late, I do hear the bell. So all is heated and all electrical is working. Everyone and everything is happy.

Chris and I just returned from a family reunion in Redmond. A gathering that has not seen all the cousins together for almost three decades.
One thing I do like about November is family gatherings. To listen to what’s going on with others and to share family adventures. To share hopes and dreams and to remember, while we still can, the good old days. The good old days? I’m starting to sound like my parents. It’s amazing how much we change, but also how much we remain the same. People say you can’t choose your relatives, but we’ve been blessed to have the ones we have.

Though this be a one time gathering there is another that comes every November. Thanksgiving family gathers to center around one thing. FOOD. Sounds like SBBCH.
Not just food, but a love to share in one another. A time to see new ones and to remember those who are gone. It’s the one time of year where people should be together. No one should be alone. So go spend this time with loved ones, friends, and family enjoy each other and kick back.

 Bill Holt
See you at the next meeting.         
Be safe and have fun

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