SBBCH President's Corner
March 2019

“Let’s think Safety”

Spring is almost here, or so I keep hearing. As we transition from the somewhat sedentary pace of winter into the increased activity that comes with spring many of us are thinking about all the things we can do. How many of us are thinking about doing it safely?

Having spent most of my adult life in two industries that have a hyper focus on safety I consider myself pretty safety conscious. That does NOT mean I’m always doing things safely. Over the years I’ve been subjected to all kinds of things that were designed to help us remain focused on safety. Safety dots that stuck to our watches, safety days, safety stand downs, safety burgers, etc. I even ate a safety chili dog once. There was nothing safe about that thing.

Think back to the time when the wearing of seatbelts while in a car was in the process of becoming mandatory. I can tell you that I had to remind myself all the time to put it on. At some point it became such a habit if I didn’t have it on I knew something was wrong.

Being safety conscious is not something we turn on and off as needed, it should be a habit or a cultural norm.  Like wearing a seatbelt, safety considerations should be automatic. The term “the devil is in the details” definitely applies to safety. If we pay attention to the little things, the big things tend to fall into place.

So, now that spring is almost here maybe we can start looking at the little things that may keep us safe.  The list of things we may want to check could get pretty long so here is a short list of things that come to mind almost immediately:

Trailers and tow vehicles: Lights, turn signals, brakes, latches, floors, doors, and hitches.

Tack: Cinches, stirrups, reins, headstalls, halters, lead ropes, all connections.

Tools: weapons, holsters, scabbards, fuel cans etc.

Checking things may take some time. Fixing things may take some cash. Having an accident will take longer and cost more than any of the above.


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