SBBCH President's Corner
December 2018

“The Squaw Butte family”

December is here bringing the end to yet another year. Up on a mountain, with bow in hand, for one last time. Not really concerned in a harvest, but deep in awe of just being here. Up in the clouds with a gentle snow adding to the already white tundra, a silence in the air, almost deafening. My favorite place to be.

Thinking on 2018 and what it brought. The good, I hope I can repeat, the bad, and the wish I could forgets. All in all though, a pretty good year.

I’ve had to say good-bye to loved ones, but also hello to five new nieces and nephews. Life in balance. I’ve seen friends win battles in ailing bodies and can rejoice with them in their victories. I’ve seen friends and families cope with hardships, and bounce back with smiles on their faces.

Thrills and spills we fall down and get back up. Not as quickly as we once did, yet we still rise, because we can.

We’ve made new friendships and bonds with other boots on the ground volunteers and yet covered trails ourselves with grit and determination. This “Git R Done” grows in all of us.

Looking at hours and miles report and the end of year report, Squaw Butte has accomplished huge tasks. It always does. We lean on each other, we strengthen each other, we support each other. That’s what families do.

So looking back, be proud of yourselves, be happy in your accomplishments. You have a lot to smile about, you always have, you always will. A strong family, a family of each other.  The Squaw Butte family….. 

 Bill Holt
See you at the next meeting.         
Be safe and have fun

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