SBBCH President's Corner
January 2021

“Entering a New Year”

Happy New Year SBBCH members. We are entering another year that may match the lunacy of 2020. Who knows? No one knows what is going to happen over the next few weeks let alone the rest of the year. If we have a repeat of 2020, we will not notice a big change in BCH with the exception of the numerous cancellations of fun and sometimes important events.

As we move forward in this new year, we will need to be flexible in terms of where and when we hold meetings and other events. Things could change rather quickly, and we will respond as best we can. Regardless how you feel about social distancing and wearing a mask I think it is important to understand that we have members with health issues that put them in the high risk category for COVID 19. Let’s keep that in mind if and when we hold face to face meetings.

On a more positive note. Last year, even with all the restrictions, SBBCH members continued the BCH mission admirably. I expect our members will do the same and more this year. We also gained several new members and as you know we elected some new officers the coming year. Please welcome them to the group.

 Thank you,


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