SBBCH President's Corner
July 2018

“Leave No Trace”

“Leave no Trace (LNT)”, is a huge part of what we do. We keep our area clean and free of debris and garbage. We police ourselves and our animals so as not to mar the land. As if we were not there. 
Many of us, if not all, bring this philosophy into our own personal lives.  When I am by myself, away from people, I carry a day pack. This pack is not only for the items I need, but also to pack out what others have left behind. That which does not belong. At a young age this “keep it clean” was instilled in me by my father and continues to this day.
What amazes me is not just keeping it clean, but also how much this “LNT” has grown. There are still those who leave filth upon the earth, but their numbers seem to be abating. 
While many of you were clearing the trail at Yellow Jacket, I was at a family reunion at Spring Creek in the Weiser District of the Payette National Forest. It was great to see old friends and family we only see once a year. A wonderful time, but sadly the last one.
At the end of it all, the CD (camp director) reminded all to keep it clean (LNT). To leave it cleaner than we found it.
It’s refreshing to hear people with the same respect for our surroundings as we share. It was also an impossibility.
The Camp Hosts have taken “LNT” to a higher level than I have ever seen. Almost a religion to this husband and wife team. With brushes, leaf blower, and rakes in tow, they kept the area spotless. Blowing debris off the paved parking, raking rocks of the driveways and bathrooms that shine. Not a blade of grass seemed out of place. Leave the area cleaner than we found it? I don’t think so.

 It is so important that we try and do our best to leave it clean. Not to leave a mess for the next person. It’s great to be part of a group with these same principles,  “LNT” = ”keep it clean”.

Keep it up and thank you.

Bill Holt
See you at the next meeting.         
Be safe and have fun..

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